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Since 2007 the Council of Australasian Tribunals (NSW) has held an annual lecture in honour of the late Professor Harry Whitmore. The aims of COAT include working with tribunals, organisations and governments to develop and promote administrative justice. An eminent academic, Professor Whitmore was a member of the Kerr Committee whose groundbreaking recommendations led to citizens being given the right to challenge decisions made by the bureaucracy and greater openness and transparency in government.

Whitmore Lecture 2023 -The Constitution and State Tribunals

The Hon Justice Beech-Jones

COAT NSW 2022 Whitmore Lecture - Prof Megan Davis

Prof Megan Davis

Whitmore Lecture 2021 - Balancing informality with natural justice and the work of tribunals

The Honourable Virginia Bell AC

Whitmore Lecture 2019 - The Foundations of Administrative Law

The Honourable Chief Justice James Allsop AO

Whitmore Lecture 2017 - Separation of powers - Dialogue and deference

The Honourable Justice John Basten

Whitmore Lecture 2016 - Judicial Review & the Shifting Sands of Legal Unreasonableness

The Honourable Justice MJ Beazley AO

Whitmore Lecture 2015 - Whitmore and the Americans: Some American influences on the development of Australian Administrative Law

The Honourable Justice Stephen Gageler

Whitmore Lecture 2014 - The Value of Human Rights for Australia

Professor Gillian Triggs

Whitmore Lecture 2013 - Forewarned and Four-Armed - Administrative Law Values and the Fourth Arm of Government

The Honourable Chief Justice Wayne Martin AC

Whitmore Lecture 2012 - The reason for administrative reasons - Osmond Revisited

The Honourable Michael Kirby AC CMG

Whitmore Lecture 2011 - The Constitutionalisation of State Administrative Law

Ronald Sackville QC AO

Whitmore Lecture 2010 - Freedom of information - a new paradigm

The Honourable Justice Ruth McColl AO

Whitmore Lecture 2009 - Can administrative law foster good administration?

Professor John McMillan AO

Whitmore Lecture 2008 - The Tribunal Dilemma : Rigorous Informality

The Honourable Justice Garry Downes AM

Whitmore Lecture 2007 - The Kerr Report: Its Continuing Significance

Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE

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