Administrative Review Council

A Guide to Standards of Conduct for Tribunal Members—Revised 2009

ARC Best Practice Guide 1—Lawfulness

ARC Best Practice Guide 2—Natural Justice

ARC Best Practice Guide 3—Evidence Facts and Findings

ARC Best Practice Guide 4—Reasons

ARC Best Practice Guide 5—Accountability

Legal Training for Primary Decision Makers: a Curriculum Guideline, 2004
The Curriculum Guideline sets out the core elements of law for use in the training of primary decision makers. The Guideline represents a framework within which agencies will be able to develop training programs reflecting their own needs and circumstances. It will be of interest to anyone involved in the development and delivery of training programs in the public sector.

Automated Assistance in Administrative Decision-making Issues Paper, 2003
The Issues Paper explores the recent trend in government administration of implementing specialised computer programs, or expert systems, to assist decision makers in performing their responsibilities.

The Scope of Judicial Review Discussion Paper, 2003
The purpose of the discussion paper is to explore the desirable balance between the right of an individual to test the legality of administrative action by way of judicial review and the need to ensure that as a result of the exercise of this right, the work of government is not unreasonably frustrated.

Practical Guidelines for preparing statements of reasons, 2000—revised 2002

Commentary on the Practical Guidelines, 2000—revised 2002

What decisions should be subject to merit review? 1999

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