Purpose and Objects of the Council of Australasian Tribunals


The Council of Australasian Tribunals is an Australasian body that:

  1. supports the work of administrative and civil tribunals and promotes excellence in administrative justice;
  2. provides a forum and acts as a catalyst for discussion, education, research, policy development and law reform in the field of administrative justice;
  3. promotes and encourages tribunals to develop best practice models and standards of behaviour and conduct;
  4. develops and provides training material to support tribunal members.


The objects of the Council are to:

  1. Enhance and expand contact among members of the administrative justice community by:
    1. improving communications and regional contacts among tribunals and members;
    2. acting as a national forum through conferences and its website.
  2. Promote awareness of the role and importance of administrative justice by:
    1. working with tribunals, organisations and governments to develop and promote administrative justice;
    2. working with regional bodies and chapters to raise awareness about the work of tribunals;
    3. proposing initiatives and making representations on matters having an impact on administrative justice, tribunals and tribunal members.
  3. Provide support and services of value to its membership by:
    1. promoting, encouraging and working in partnership with tribunals and chapters to ensure that adequate educational opportunities exist for tribunal members:
    2. developing training resources for Tribunal members.

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