Tribunals Excellence Framework 2017

The Tribunal Framework is an adaptation of the International Framework for Court Excellence, a quality management tool developed for courts and tribunals by the International Consortium for Court Excellence and launched in 2008.

The Framework provides a resource for the tribunal to assess its own performance in eight areas and it provides a model methodology for continuous evaluation and improvement of performance that is specifically designed for use by tribunals.

By assessing performance (and identifying areas for improvement), the Framework can assist tribunals to deliver the quality services essential to fulfill their critical role in society.

The Framework takes a whole of tribunal approach to achieving tribunal excellence rather than simply relying on a limited range of performance measures which only capture aspects of tribunal activity.

The Tribunal Excellence Framework has been thoroughly revised and was relaunched at the Heads of Tribunal meeting held in conjunction with the COAT conference on 8 June 2017.

The Tribunal Excellence Framework has been updated to include:

  1. Greater acknowledgment of the work of the International Framework for Court Excellence;
  2. New and revised questions in each area of excellence;
  3. More commentary on each area of excellence;
  4. A proposed methodology for implementing the framework

If you have any questions about the framework please forward them to our office.