COAT was established at a meeting of Commonwealth, State, Territory and New Zealand heads on 6 June 2002. The following are the current appointed officeholders to the COAT Executive:

  • Chair:  Ms Anne Britton, Principal Member, NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NSW)
  • Deputy Chair: Mr David Plunkett, Chair, Weathertight Homes Tribunals (NZ) 
  • Secretary: Ms Kath McEvoy, Associate Professor, Adelaide University (SA)
  • Treasurer: The Hon. Justice David Thomas, President,  Administrative Appeals Tribunal (QLD)
  • Public Officer: Belinda Cassidy, Principal Claims Assessor, Motor Accidents Assessment Service (NSW)

Members of Executive:

Mr Greg Geason 
Chairman, Resource Management & Planning Appeal Tribunal (TAS)

Mr Graeme Neate AM
President, ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACT)

Mr Malcolm Schyvens
Deputy President and Division Head for the Guardianship Division,  NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NSW)
Ms Genevieve Nihill

Deputy President, VIC Civil and Admiistrative Tribunal (VIC)

Mr Richard Bruxner
President, Northern Territory Civil and Aministrative Tribunal (NT) 
Mr Garry Rutherford
Arbitrator, Workcover WA (WA)